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Baker Insurance Agency of Hagerstown
927 S. Potomac St.
Hagerstown, MD 21740
P: 301-733-9606
F: 301-733-8325

From I-70
Take exit 29B toward Hagerstown. Approximately 1.2 miles. We are on the left side of Potomac St..

From Square of Hagerstown
Take S. Potomac St. 9 blocks.
We are on the right before Wilson Blvd.

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An Umbrella policy will protect against a loss due to catastrophic law suits. You can purchase a personal umbrella for your home and auto or a business umbrella for your business. It provides liability coverage above and beyond your liability policy. Most companies will only offer umbrella if they insure the underlying policies, such as the home, auto or your business.


Inland Marine coverage can be a very valuable addition to the insurance portfolio for contractors and business owners. Inland marine coverage is specifically designed to cover various types of property that are subject to being in transit, or property of others that is in your care.


We offer coverage for manufactured homes, attached and unattached structures. Replacement cost for manufactured homes less than 10 years old. Owner occupied and rental coverage available. Application and photos are required on all new business. You will need the value of the manufactured home in order to get an insurance quote.


Flood insurance is excluded under Homeowner insurance policies. All flood insurance policies must be purchased separately. You can pick the amount of coverage that you desire and areas of your home that you wish to insure. Content coverage is also available for flood coverage.

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