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Baker Insurance Agency of Hagerstown
927 S. Potomac St.
Hagerstown, MD 21740
P: 301-733-9606
F: 301-733-8325

From I-70
Take exit 29B toward Hagerstown. Approximately 1.2 miles. We are on the left side of Potomac St..

From Square of Hagerstown
Take S. Potomac St. 9 blocks.
We are on the right before Wilson Blvd.

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We offer a comprehensive business owners insurance package that protects your business property and provides liability coverage as well. Some coverage included: loss of business income, extra expense for up to 12 months for loss of income, employee dishonesty, computer equipment, and system breakdown.

There are many optional coverage that are available to meet your individual business needs. Call us today for a free no obligation comparison.


Workers Compensation coverage will take care of your obligation to provide medical and loss wage benefits to your employees. It is an essential insurance portfolio addition for our business customers.


Bonds are a guarantee. That is – the Surety Company guarantees that the Principal (the person performing the task) will do what they will do for the Obligee (the person or company the Principal is doing the task for).

The Surety Company will issue the bond which will cover losses up to a certain amount. This amount is called the “penalty”.

There are three basic categories of bonds: Contract, Non-contract, and Fidelity.

Contract Surety:

Non-Contracts/Miscellaneous Surety:
Public Official
Court & Fiduciary
License & Permit
U.S. Government

Fidelity Bonds:
Name or Position Schedule
Third Party Fidelity
Supporting Crime Coverage

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